Do all Hemorrhoids Bleed?

All hemorrhoids do not bleed. An individual may have internal tissue damage that characterize this disorder, but may have no symptoms. Hemorrhoids are a disorder in the digestive system that presents as swollen and inflamed veins in the anal canal and the anus area. You may have itching, aching, bleeding, or pain depending on whether the piles are on the inside or the outside. Sometimes the flare up will heal without any treatment and other times over the counter ointments with analgesics will relief the pain and shrink the swelling. Surgical treatment would be a last resort and reserved for the most serious conditions.

Surgery on this condition is called hemorrhoidectomy and it involves the cutting away of the damaged tissues. The surgery is an out-patient procedure and will follow the procedures that the doctor may have tried in the office before resorting to the surgical intervention. Laser treatment involves focusing infrared rays onto the veins to stop the flow of blood to the area. The piles can be banded and the tissue will die and fall off without nutrient support. Chemical injections will cause the shrinking of the painful tissue. These procedures are done on all hemorrhoids that bleed and will not respond to home remedy treatments.

Bowel movements that can cause all hemorrhoids to bleed if they are hard and compacted and if the frequency keeps the anal canal and the anus irritated. If you add fiber to your diet most people will find the condition relieved. Whole grains and vegetables increase the bulk of the waste and soften the stool for easier passage through the digestive system. Drinking plenty of water will keep the feces from becoming hard and dry and prevent the straining necessary to remove this matter from the anal area.

You need to exercise to keep your blood circulating and to keep your digestive system operating properly. Muscles in the intestines will stay healthier and prolonged sitting and standing can lead to the formation of this painful condition. A hot bath several times a day for a few minutes at a time will help the blood circulate and to shrink the painful veins. Adding some Epson salts to the water is thought to promote healing. Health food stores offer herbal cleansing agents for cleaning the colon and promoting healthier bowel movements. Colon cleansing helps alleviate the pressure on the veins in the anal area.

Most piles respond well to home remedies, diet changes and over the counter medications like Preparation H. These ointments contain analgesics to relieve the pain and have tissue shrinking properties to help alleviate the symptoms. If you have a persistent case that does not respond to these treatments you should speak with the doctor about treatment options. All hemorrhoids do not bleed but if you have constant flare ups you should see your physician.