Can Hemorrhoids Get Infected?

If you have suffered from painful and swollen tissue in and around the anal area it is not hard to believe that hemorrhoids can get infected and can require antibiotic treatment. Hemorrhoids are swollen veins that can be swollen, painful, itchy, and can bleed. These veins can be inside and outside the anal area. Sometimes they will go away without treatment and sometimes you will have to have medical treatment to alleviate or ease the symptoms.

When hemorrhoids can get infected they can be treated with antibiotics to help resolve the condition. The inflammation will be reduced and the swelling may go down with this type therapy. A lot of physicians will not automatically prescribe antibiotics for the treatment of this condition, according to the Centers for disease Control and Prevention. Topical creams that are enhanced with antibiotic can be used safely without fear of causing a resistance to antibiotics. Oral antibiotics are used rarely for treatment of this condition because they can carry significant risk. If you develop a resistant form of infection due to excessive use of antibiotics then if the infection recurs you will find that you may face a serious threat to your health. Surgery is usually recommended for treatment because of the fear of developing bacteria resistant to drug therapy.

Swollen and inflamed anal tissues can be caused by pregnancy, aging, obesity, and anal intercourse. If you have chronic diarrhea or chronic constipation you may develop this condition. The Mayo Clinic says that you can have a genetic predisposition to developing the condition. A website called says that up to 89% of individuals in the United States will suffer from the condition at some point in time. Hemorrhoids can get infected not matter what the cause.

Some of the symptoms of hemorrhoids are itching, bleeding, and painful veins in the anal area. Feces can leak from the bowel area and you may notice blood in your stool when you have a bowel movement. Most of the time an over the counter cream that is medicated to treat the condition, will be all that is necessary to heal the area and relieve the pain. This treatment will sometimes eliminate the condition. With surgical intervention, the condition can recur and require more surgery to correct the damaged tissue. Internist Dr. Gabe Mirkin says that hemorrhoids can get infected persistent cases can have harmful bacteria and should be treated with antibiotics.